Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Squares

Here you will find all things pre-cut. Jelly rolls are strips of fabric cut 2 1/2 inches by the width of the fabric. Layer Cakes are 10" squares. Charm Squares are 5" squares. Make fast and easy quilts with these time saving, color- coordinated bundles. These bundles give you 42-44 pieces total.

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Melody Miller Fat Quarter Bundle

Wrens Friends - Honey Comb

Wishes - Jelly Roll

Simply Style - Honey Comb

Fancy - Layer Cake

Petite Odile - Layer Cake

Le Bouquet Francais - Charm Squares

Rue Indienne - Layer Cake

Rue Indienne - Charm Pack

Sphere - Jelly Roll

Avant Garden - Jelly Roll

Avant Garden - Layer Cake

Avant Garden - Charm Pack

Ambelside - Jelly Roll

Ambelside - Layer Cake

Ambelside - Mini Charm

Ambelside - Charm Squares

Kona Cotton - Ash colorstory Roll

Rashida Coleman-Hale Fat Quarter Bundle

Honeysweet - Honeycombs

Mirabelle - Charm Pack

Somerset Jelly Roll

Somerset - Layer Cake

Somerset - Mini Charms

Somerset Charm Pack

Aloha Girl by Fig Tree - Jelly Roll

Aloha Girl by Fig Tree - Layer Cake

Aloha Girl by Fig Tree - Charm Squares

Ala Carte Layer Cake

Ala Carte Charm Squares

Fresh Air - Jelly Roll

Fresh Air - Layer Cake

Fresh Air - Charm Squares

Fresh Air - Turnover

Bandana Jelly Roll by Me and My Sister for Moda

Bandana Layer Cake by Me and My Sister for Moda

Bandana Charm Squares by Me and My Sister for Moda

Pedal Pushers Layer Cake

Autumn Lily - Jelly Roll

Autumn Lily - Layer Cake

Autumn Lily - Charm Pack

Sarah Watts Fat Quarter Bundle

Persimmon - Jelly Roll

Persimmon - Layer Cake

Persimmon - Mini Charm

Persimmon - Charm Pack

Nomad by Urban Chiks - Jelly Roll

Nomad by Urban Chiks - Layer Cake

Nomad by Urban Chiks - Charm Pack

Mixed Bag - Layer Cake

Moxi - Jelly Roll

Moxi - Layer Cake

Moxi - Charm Pack

Mixologie - Jelly Roll

Mixologie - Layer Cake

Mixologie - Layer Cake

2wenty Thr3e - Jelly Roll

Oh Clementime - 10" Squares

Sarah Watts Fat Quarter Bundle

Vin Du Jour - Honey Comb

Atelier by 3 Sisters - Jelly Roll

Atelier by 3 Sisters - Layer Cake

Atelier by 3 Sisters - Charm Pack

Whitewashed Cottage by 3 Sisters- Jelly Roll

Whitewashed Cottage - Layer Cake

Whitewashed Cottage by 3 Sisters - Charm Pack

Alexia Abegg Fat Quarter Bundle

Scrumptious - Honey Comb

Miss Kate - Jelly Roll

Miss Kate - Layer Cake

Miss Kate - Charm Pack

Daysail - Jelly Roll

Daysail - Layer Cake

Daysail - Charm Squares

Road 15 - Jelly Roll

Road 15 - Layer Cake

Road 15 - Mini Charm Square Pack

Kona Contton - Sunset - Charm Squares

Penny and Friends - 5" Squares

Penny and Friends - Fat Quarter Bundle

Color Source Neutrals - Half Roll

Over The Rainbow Batiks - Background Charm Squares

Kona cotton - Silent Film Jelly Roll

Ombre Hand Dyes - Strip-It Bundle - 01-0040

Ombre Hand Dyes - Strip-It Bundle - 03-0040

Color: Full - Bright Colorstory - Ten Inch Squares

Color: Full - Multi Colorstory - Ten Inch Squares

Tonga Treats - Strips - Creamsicle

Tonga Treats - Creamsicle

Tonga Treats - 6" Strips - Mocha Kiss

Tonga Treats - 6" Strips - Sea Glass

Tonga Treats - 6" Strips - Sugar


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